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Begin a new journey of
peace & wellness

Through a fusion of knowledge and practice, we offer you the tools to heal not only yourself but also your environment, unlocking a path to discover and embrace your true potential. 

Retreats & Wellness Programs

Our exclusive retreats foster harmony, self-discovery, and rejuvenation, providing a sanctuary for personal growth and deep relaxation. 

Specialized Revitalizing Therapies

Our Special Spinal Healing Massage with The Dorn Method and The Breuss Massage Method aligns the body and mind, creating a path to holistic wellness and vitality.

Activities, Offers & Subscriptions

Through curated onsite activities, unique holistic haircuts, and attractive subscription plans, we provide diverse opportunities to enhance your well-being experience. 

Join us at Finca Curcuma, where we guide you on a transformative path that empowers you to experience the vibrant, energetic human being you are destined to be. Your well-being is our mission, and together we’ll explore the richness of life, guided by nature’s wisdom and the potential of your own soul.

Thomas Reinholz

Lead Wellness Coach

Find a compass for your life

We invite you to embark on a transformative journey, one that transcends mere wellness.
We believe in the harmony of mind, body, and spirit, and our tailored services offer a beacon for your life, guiding you to reconnect with nature, discover your boundless potential, and achieve a radiant and energetic existence. 

Your guides for a better life

Meet our experts

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Thomas Reinholz

Lead Wellness Coach


Connie Reinholz

Wellness Coach

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Improve your life with integrity

In the rich setting of Guanacaste’s natural wonder, Finca Curcuma stands as a sanctuary dedicated to enhancing life through integrity. It has evolved into a nurturing haven that harmonizes the mind, body, and spirit.

Our specialized services embark on an honorable journey that utilizes the Earth’s bounty while unlocking the boundless potential within the human body. This journey is a tailored odyssey, offering onsite retreats with engaging activities or unique experiences like our Holistic Haircut, all in an environment that nurtures growth and celebrates self-discovery.

We welcome you into a realm of abundance and alignment, where transformation is a natural progression.

At Finca Curcuma, our mission extends beyond personal growth to encompass collective success and shared values. We provide a platform for connecting with like-minded peers, building a thriving community grounded in mutual respect and empowerment.

Our dedication to holistic health extends to harmonizing diverse aspects of life, from personal well-being to relationships and universal connectivity.

We empower you with the essential tools to act as a holistic creator, ensuring physical resilience and inspiring a continuous journey toward a life rich with integrity.

Do you have questions about your transformation? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Finca Curcuma's philosophy distinguishes itself from other wellness centers through its focus on a holistic lifestyle that embraces the harmony of mind, body, and spirit. We align our practices with nature's rhythms, cosmic energy, and the boundless potential within each individual. This philosophy prioritizes environmental sustainability, organic abundance, personal growth, transformation, and community building.

Giving the gift of a Finca Curcuma retreat or therapy can be accomplished through personalized reservations or tailored packages. Please contact our team to customize your gift, allowing your loved ones to choose the retreat or therapy that best suits their needs and aspirations.

Finca Curcuma's approach to emotional healing is intertwined with physical well-being. Through various therapies, massages, and activities, Finca Curcuma fosters an environment where physical comfort leads to emotional release and relaxation. This holistic approach supports the body's natural healing processes and encourages a harmonious state of mind and body. 

Staying connected with the Finca Curcuma community is easy through ongoing subscription plans, special events, and engaging with the community through social media channels and online resources. We value shared growth, mutual respect, and collective success, promoting a thriving community of like-minded individuals. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You may also subscribe to our Patreon to have access to exclusive content and resources made to help you in your continuous journey.

The Subscription Plans are designed for all levels of experience, including those new to holistic wellness practices. The plans offer regular weekly sessions guided by our experts, focusing on harmony across various aspects of life. These sessions provide tools to cultivate a resilient mindset and encourage physical fitness, making them suitable for newcomers and seasoned practitioners alike.

Onsite activities at Finca Curcuma enhance the overall wellness experience by connecting visitors deeply with the natural surroundings and principles of the center's philosophy. Activities are designed to nourish both the physical and astral bodies, offering an engaging weekly schedule that complements the therapies and retreats, fostering a sense of community and personal growth.

The Holistic Haircut is a transformative spiritual experience, curated by renowned wellness coach Connie Reinholz. It goes beyond a mere haircut by merging grooming with spiritual nourishment. Guests can talk freely about their lives while receiving a makeover, making it an experience that nourishes the soul as well as the body.

The results from Finca Curcuma's massage therapies are often immediate and tangible. Special techniques like the Breuss and the Dorn Methods aim to dissolve deep blockages and tension, supporting the body's natural healing processes, and fostering both physical comfort and emotional release. Results vary depending on individual needs and the type of therapy chosen, but immediate positive effects are common.

The Special Spinal Healing Massage focuses on gentle alignment, immediate results, and a non-invasive approach, differing significantly from traditional spinal treatments that might include forceful manipulation. Its efficacy in delivering quick results in a gentle manner sets it apart as a unique option for those seeking spinal alignment and joint health.


Discover the reflections and heartfelt testimonials from those who have embarked on a path of wellness, healing, and rejuvenation with us, and see how our tailored services have enriched their lives and ignited a newfound radiance within.

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Soo-Min Park

Software Engineer

Finca Curcuma’s onsite retreat was a revelation. The detox program rejuvenated my spirit, and the nature walks connected me with an inner calm I never knew I had.

Portrait of a young American business man

Tristan Vance


The specialized spinal healing massage at Finca Curcuma changed my life. The precise alignment techniques alleviated my chronic pain, allowing me to embrace wellness in a way I never thought possible.

brunette latina girl with pink dyed hair looking at camera calm and relaxed lying on the floor

Mariana Solís

Financial Analyst

The online retreat at Finca Curcuma guided me towards financial abundance and stronger relationships. Their holistic approach resonated with me on a profound level, setting me on a path of growth and fulfillment.

Activities & Retreats

Explore, rejuvenate, and connect through our upcoming activities and retreats


Jan 20’

Immerse yourself in a weekend of tranquility as our expert guides lead you on a journey to inner peace, enhancing mental clarity and spiritual connection.


Jan 20’

Explore the power of body-mind alignment in this one-day workshop, where tailored therapies and hands-on learning provide the tools for lasting wellness and vitality. 


Oct 20’

Unite with fellow wellness enthusiasts in a day of shared practice, connecting through yoga sessions, laughter, and the shared pursuit of balance and harmony.



Delight in a culinary adventure that celebrates the Earth’s bounty, as our skilled chefs guide you through a day of organic cooking, nourishing both body and soul.

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