Real Estate

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Luxury and Natural Beauty

Nestled atop the tranquil highlands of San José de la Montaña, Finca Curcuma offers an unparalleled fusion of luxurious living and natural splendor in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. 

Elevated Ocean View

Experience the Pacific Ocean's unveiled majesty.
Enjoy a special view of the Pacific Ocean's varying hues and patterns, only at Finca Curcuma.

Sanctuary of Serenity

Step into an environment designed for tranquility.
Far removed from worldly distractions, Finca Curcuma is the ultimate setting to rediscover peace and the essence of the "Pura Vida" lifestyle.

Natural Nirvana

Immerse yourself in a life surrounded by the beauty of nature.
Positioned amid unparalleled biodiversity, Finca Curcuma serves as a living gallery of Costa Rica’s ecological splendor. Experience the beauty of nature, waiting to be explored by you.

Geographical Blueprint

Layout and Strategic Positioning

Spanning 133,314 square meters, the property is partitioned into 10 unique parcels, each meticulously planned to optimize both natural beauty and functionality.

The geographical context significantly amplifies the estate’s appeal. Positioned at an elevation of 400 meters atop a tranquil mountain plateau, Finca Curcuma bestows unparalleled panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, adding an element of grandeur to the property’s inherent charm.

The estate’s locational advantage is further accentuated by its proximity to the vibrant communities of Tamarindo and Santa Cruz. These nearby locales are famed for their captivating beaches, distinct cultural richness, and abundant biodiversity, offering an extensive range of leisure and lifestyle options for residents and visitors alike. 

San José de La Montaña, 27 de Abril
Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Local Development & Business Opportunities

San José de la Montaña, a small town situated 15 kilometers to the south of 27 de Abril and Laguinilla, is a natural heaven filled with potential in the heart of Guanacaste.

With its fertile land and an eager community ready to embrace development, San José de la Montaña represents a great opportunity for future growth.

Located at 400 meters
above sea level


Here, the landscape unfolds before your eyes, presenting unparalleled views of Guanacaste’s natural beauty. The town’s elevated location is not merely a geographical fact but a source of inspiration for those who wish to be part of its growth story.