Embrace a world where wellness converges with nature at Finca Curcuma.

Nestled within one of the world’s five “Blue Zones” in Costa Rica, our haven prioritizes holistic health, sustainability, and profound connection with the environment. Explore our wide array of services, each designed to nurture body, mind, and spirit.

Reconnect with your love for life

A Sanctuary for Holistic Healing and Connection

We’ve crafted healthy strategies that extend beyond personal healing to include the well-being of our environment. By integrating extensively researched methodologies of integral rejuvenation, we provide visitors with the practical ability to transform their human condition.

Through our offerings, experience a change towards unlocking true potential and contributing to the healing of our shared world. 


We offer you a tailored range of wellness services, focused on holistic healing, connection, and personal transformation. They have been designed to resonate with both individuals and their environment. Embrace a journey with us.

Group qigong classes in nature.

Retreats & Weekly Activities

Learn to implement powerful life principles to achieve holistic well-being, encompassing health, relationships, financial abundance, and personal growth.

Our engaging weekly schedule and Retreats offer a diverse range of activities aimed at nurturing both your physical and emotional well-being, fostering personal development, and building meaningful community connections.

Special Spinal Healing Massages

A specialized massage therapy that uses both The Dorn and Breuss method to dissolve deep blockages and tension within the vertebral column through gentle movements and precise manipulation.

Massaging therapist makes back therapy massage for female. Back massage woman in SPA salon. Sensual healthy massaging in hands of professional masseur. Concept of healthy lifestyle and beauty
Cropped shot of female client receiving a haircut

Holistic Haircut

A transformative experience that merges grooming with spiritual nourishment, providing personalized life coaching and hairstyle consultations that resonate with your personality and sense of self. 

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Executive Training

A specialized program for visionary leaders, harmonizing body, mind, and spirit, enhancing decision-making, creativity, and overall well-being.

Multiracial international community of happy friends sitting on green meadow

Life Coaching

A transformative journey tailored to guide you toward personal fulfillment, success, and well-being, with strategic guidance to set goals, navigate complexities, and foster positive change. 

Subscription Plans

Explore a new dimension of wellness with our comprehensive subscription plans, designed to guide and support your transformative journey towards holistic well-being. 

Harmony is Healing Online Course

$ 199 USD

Online Course to harmonize your life and your universe.

Silver Membership

$ 500 USD/month

Perfect, for your ongoing growth in weekly FAQ Sessions.

7-Day Trial Available

Premium Support

$ 1500 USD/month

Personal support with four one-hour sessions per month.

Your guides for a better life

Meet our experts

Thomas_Profile_Finca-Curcuma-Costa Rica

Thomas Reinholz

Lead Wellness Coach


Connie Reinholz

Wellness Coach


The voices of our cherished guests resonate deeply with our mission for holistic wellness and connection. Their transformative experiences are a testament to our dedication, authentic practices, and the personalized care we provide.

Close-up portrait of Interracial couple. Closeup portrait woman and man hugging

Sofia Vasquez

The Breuss Massage at Finca Curcuma was transformative. It not only relieved my chronic back pain but also connected me with a sense of inner peace. Their commitment to holistic wellness is truly inspiring.

Portrait Of Mature Factory Worker

Adrian Müller

Finca Curcuma’s onsite retreat was a life-altering experience. The detox program, coupled with heart connection and meditation, revitalized my body and soul. I returned home a changed person, full of energy and clarity.

Portrait of a traveler girl in a yellow cap. Portrait of a female tourist

Katarina Novak

Participating in Finca Curcuma’s online retreat opened new doors for me. The guidance on developing powerful relationships and achieving financial abundance has been invaluable. Their practical and deeply resonant approach has shaped my path toward true potential

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